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VR Simulator

VR Rides

Our Virtual Gaming section offers unique VR rides, including seater VRs with occupancy for 3 to 6 people, Bike VR.

6 Seater VR Game

Masti Zone introduces immersive VR games as a thrilling addition to our Game Zones, offering various concepts and formats of VR gaming all under one roof. These concepts encompass free-roam VR multiplayer games, escape room multiplayer games, short-duration VR lounge games, and outdoor Virtual Reality Games, providing diverse virtual experiences.

Modern VR Cricket

With responsive motion controls and custom haptic bat controllers, every shot feels like the real thing. Are you ready to step up to the crease and become a bat in world class stadiums .

VR SkyWalk

Masti Zone's VR games promise an unforgettable adventure, offering a range of virtual experiences suitable for various preferences and levels of excitement, all designed to push the boundaries of entertainment.

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