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What sectors does the Modern Group operate in?

The Modern Group operates in diverse sectors, including manufacturing, technology, retail, and entertainment.

What are the key products and services offered by the Modern Group?

The Modern Group offers a wide range of products and services, including amusement park equipment, 7D and 9D cinema systems, virtual reality gaming products, RFID solutions, and retail operations through Masti Zone outlets.

Does the Modern Group offer franchise opportunities for Masti Zone outlets?

Our franchise model operates on a capex investment basis, along with a revenue share arrangement. Individuals or investors who are interested can reach out to us for further details on franchise requirements and potential opportunities.

What safety measures does the Modern Group have in place at Masti Zone outlets?

At Masti Zone, safety is our top priority. We have implemented comprehensive safety measures, including regular inspections, maintenance, and cleaning protocols, to ensure the well-being of our guests.

What games and attractions can I expect to find at Masti Zone outlets?

Masti Zone offers a wide variety of games and attractions for guests of all ages, including virtual reality games, bowling, bumper cars, trampoline park, laser-based games, and much more.

How can I contact customer support for further inquiries?

You can reach our customer support team via email at We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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