Interactive Projections


Interactive Projection Games

Playing football in middle of a mall with friends can be fun. Or having fun with aquarium fishes on the floor can tickle anyone’s mind. This is all possible with our Interactive Projection Games.

Interactive Panels

With our Interactive Panels, your presentations will become more fun then ever before. Also, interactive panels can be used in Smart Classes for kids.

3D Projection Mapping (Odd Surfaces)

Got any new product to launch? Our 3D projection mapping on any size or type product will make it “Unreal”. Magnificent animations on the product containing product features will enhance the product image in front of customers.

3D Projection Mapping (Building)

Convert your apartment into Empire State building, or make any event’s stage blown with combustion. All these things are possible through 3D Projection Mapping. High end projectors & our technology will do the trick. Get ready to be mesmerized.

Interactive Sphere

Whole world of information and knowledge. Intuitive touch and scroll feature makes this sphere some gadget from the out world. It can be used in exhibitions, malls, museums, natural history museum etc.

Interactive Books

An excellent way to learn with fun. Interactive books are easy to install and can be placed in museums, libraries, schools etc.