Makar Sankranti 2021: Here’s how to celebrate with pomp!

January 6, 2021
Makar Sankranti marks the celebration of a multitude of customs and rituals all across India, watch out for the flying-kites painting the skies with rainbows! Interestingly, the North stays engaged in celebrating ‘Lohri’, while Southern end rejoices in the festivities of ‘Pongal’– indeed reflective of India's endless diversity and rich ethnicity!
Much significance of the harvest festival is attributed to seasonal shift – from a harsher to a climate that will be a bit mild on our senses.  Indians, irrespective of the corner they celebrate harvest season from, do it with grandeur and pomp as they reap the fruits of their hardwork.
As the unconventional holiday season continue, we await you at Mastiii Zone to further amplify your joy, abundance and sense of peace and celebration that one only gets when family gets together! Make the ending of the winter solstice memorable, especially during unprecedented times like these! Other than lighting bonfires, enjoying yellow dishes, and flying kites, alternatively, you can soar high yourself with Mastiii Zone's Trampoline.