We Made it! Goodbye, 2020

January 2, 2021

The New Year, 2021 is about so much more than smashing celebrations. It's about togetherness, hope, and endless possibilities that await us on the other side of a rough and crazy historic year which was tough on our senses, especially our abilities to enjoy the beauty of life were curbed massively. Ring out the old horror of an unprecedented year which all of us are glad has finally come to an end and let's ring in the new as we welcome a year where we can walk through the alleyways of our favorite retro-themed games at Mastiii Zone and resume our holiday season of touching reunions. Are you all ready to embrace the chaotic and gameplay focused summers while experiencing the all-new horizons and relaxing vibes at your favorite game zone?

Mastiii Zone wholeheartedly thank all its followers and friends for sticking with us and always supporting us, we are here to take you all into 2021 because, without you, this new year would be half as happy and exciting. Let's have a blast where you can once again spice up your Sunday Fun with your friends, without having to worry about weekend plans anymore. Here's to another chance for us all to get it right, here's to a tomorrow where we no longer have to fear about celebrations, a future where we are free and our families can reunite for all our special occasions. Here's to a better and a brighter NEW YEAR.