International Women’s Day — Forward and Upward

March 8, 2020

It's been an interesting and empowering year at Mastiii Zone with a number of strong female influencers and bloggers attending events hosted at our various outlets. The year, 2019 witnessed a tremendous shift in the way we portray women at workplace and the outside world, majority of the social gatherings held at Mastiii Zones were dominated by women and themes of their strength, charisma, unflinching belief and abundant courage that the gender exhibit as women contribute more and more to the businesses, economy, and life as whole.

We, at Mastiii Zone accomplished an annual milestone as we embraced diversity and inclusion. With an inclusive work environment, we enabled women to multiply their potential, be more productive and extend their limits with every new project they laid their hands on, alongside, we ensured women collaborating with our brand Mastiii Zone find it to be a great place to thrive and succeed — a workplace that inspires them to bring their entire selves into work. Here we mean, a supportive and inclusive culture that dissolves most of the professional hurdles women face. We celebrate diversity throughout the year as we push for progress and create a #Balanceforbetter.

So, why do we need a day to celebrate women and their immense contribution to society? It's a work in progress and we should see every day as an opportunity to celebrate women by doing our part — ours was to create a safe and flexible environment for women to work comfortably and be able to collaborate effectively. What's your bit?

On International #Womensday2020, we urge you to stay committed to the global goal of increasing gender parity and staying true to your individual responsibility of ensuring equal treatments given to women as men with the highest degree of respect. Let's pledge to create as many avenues as we can in our system for women to rise and discover their highest selves.