IAAPI Awards 2020 — Dare to Soar

March 8, 2020

Without outstanding leadership, hard work and talent rarely convert into tangible achievements. In light of that, Mastiii Zone brought home TWO AWARDS in Indian Association for Amusement Parks and Industries, also known as IAAPI annual event, 2020. As Modern put significant effort to further its purpose in the amusement sector – the initiative, perseverance, creative flexibility and exemplary dedication it pressed upon behind the scenes got immediate recognization.

These awards symbolize the contribution of time, energy and effort that was put by the Modern team as they worked in unison to continually contribute to the gaming ecosystem. It also reflects upon the tremendous creativity, vigor, passion and unshakable positive attitude shown by the members. Meanwhile, it also reasons why the tools and techniques employed at Mastiii Zone are the best and most effective.

Modern has put forth consistent effort to enhance all forms of gaming ranging from adventure, retro-themed arcades, classics to the VR gaming community – the excellence of which was eventually demonstrated by these acclamations given to an organization that essentially places strong emphasis on quality leadership that paves path for development, creative marketing, and value-driven retail operations. Here's to the strong understanding we as an organization share for the needs and goals we have for a better and a brighter tomorrow.