Non-Stop Gaming and Vintage Decor— Mastiii Zone Kota Arrives in the City

November 23, 2019

It's time to level up and conquer the challenges, Kota! 

Mastiii Zone in Kota has finally been made functional and is all set to take the throne of the most prominent attractions in the city. While Bowling and archery remain mainstream games youngsters effortlessly will be attracted to, it's hard to locate an authentic gaming center that in itself will have plenty to offer, satisfying our multi-player, first-person, role-playing and strategy devising needs all at once. This is where Modern owned, Mastiii Zone comes into space and time to offer non-stop gaming including classics like Rambo, Street Racer and Ultra Race in a supremely flashy arena spread across 6500 sq ft.

Dedicated to presenting and preserving classic video games for 8-bit enthusiasts and people preparing for mind-wrecking exams, Kota based attraction will prove to be perfect getaway and mind booster as it has a deep-rooted foundation backed up by Modern Mastiii Pvt. Ltd, which believes gaming is not only a fantasy escape from crucifying realities of life but a way of life itself, here, we believe in making games for all your moods and occasions.

The vintage collection of games at Mastiii Zone Kota comprises all the latest addition in the gaming ecosystem and the re-imagined classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s and even forth and beyond.  Visitors can literally go on a virtual tour across dimensions demonstrating the gaming heaven. The GameZone prides itself on two things, one is the highly defined quality of games and second is the enchantingly immersive VR experience which has all the right boxes checked when it comes to the joyous and enthralling gaming hours.

The latest attraction by Modern, is more than just a gaming zone with vintage decor, essentially being an amusement park knit with carnival vibes. When you are done with the arcade games and have had enough of the aliens, you can make your way towards the bumper cars, alleyways of indoor thrill and exciting arcade lanes. Furthermore, don't forget to make your way over to the coterie of extended virtual reality which includes Sky Walk and likewise games aligned for the raving gamer in you.

Indoors tightly knit with old-school classics and walls jammed pack with nostalgic games, Mastiii Zone Kota is a complete jukebox of gaming where you just can't resist pressing PLAY! It's a testament to the belief, 'the more, the merrier', with a multitude of gaming options, it totally qualifies as a place to be visited with family, friends and loved ones.

To battle high scores against your best mate, to overthrow the top-ranked arcade players and to set astonishing new and challenging records, when do you plan to visit Mastiii Zone which has arrived in your own city Kota, just in time. And guess what? It has brought along rarest of rare games and an ambiance where you can sit comfortably with your buddy and make ultimate crashes and scores as high as skyscrapers. Get your paws on, gamers! Welcome the unprecedented levels of gaming in your city, VR and bowling for the very first time ever, join us in making history and art.
Happy gaming!