Icy Slopes and Frozen Rides— Snow Mastiii Opens at Greater Noida

June 17, 2019


The Snow Park added by Modern Group among the bustle of Noida's sprawling metropolis under the brand name Snow Mastiii is a perfect attraction for beginners, adventurers and kids to experience snow laden adventures in a safe and thrilling environment. Following onto the success of their first Snow Park operating since the past 3 years at Capital Mall, Bhopal, Modern Group launched state of the art Snow Park at The Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida on 1st June 2019.

Built across an area of 10,000 sq. ft with a height of 28 ft, our indoor Snow Play area is a surreal land crafted with real snow where one can enjoy fun rides, get into snowball fights, slide down frozen slopes in rafts, explore snowy terrains, climb rocky mountains at a sub-zero temperature or just sit and relax while sipping a hot coffee in a climate resembling a snow wonderland.

The array of offerings makes it an ideal summer hangout for those who live for the thrill of a challenge- be it learners, professionals or those who are somewhere in between. It is an innovative take on traditional snow parks as it goes a step ahead in offering a wide diversity of acrobatic activities ranging from Snow Climbing, Adult Tube Slides, Kiddie Tube Slides to Hanging Bridge, Snow Castle, and Snow Disco.



Furthermore, the Snow Park offers attractions such as snow animals, snow slides, snow DJ, igloo mazes, etc. There is a Gondola ride inside the snow park which is iconic and first of its kind; it aligns the scenery of the entire snow park and offers the thrill of gondola carriers on snowy mountains.

Grab amazing deals with great savings at Mastiii Zone (Gamezone) premises and tackle the unbearable streaks of the scorching sun effortlessly as the Snow Park offers unparalleled amusement and delight with actual snowflakes falling from a height of 28 feet making the whole snow-covered arena look picturesque.

With the craze for insta-ready pictures skyrocketed among the youth, Snow Mastiii went a step ahead to ensure that the visitors bump into multiple jaw-dropping photo points, these spots are beautifully placed across the park with the waiting area itself providing plenty of photo opportunities.

Snow Mastiii is ingeniously developed by Modern Group which operates more than 20 indoor amusement outlets in India. Modern Group also provides complete turnkey solutions for Snow Parks.