VR Simulators

Modern VR simulator is the next generation gaming equipment which combines VR glasses and motion simulator (also called as 9D VR in the industry). There is a library of movies and games to play on a single machine. The equipment can be a single seater, two seater or a three seater. We can customise the VR as per the requirement.

The equipment is trouble free and easy to set up. There is no need of any added construction work and the equipment can move on wheels. Also, the equipment sells by itself as people watch the other customers playing.

We also produce customised content for VR.

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Modern VR Cricket

Modern VR Cricket

Modern 9D VR Sport(2 Seater)

Modern 9D VR Sport


Modern Standing VR Simulator

Modern VR ( Maharaja)

Maharaja 2 Seater VR simulator

Modern VR Simulator (3 Seater)

Modern VR 3 Seater

Modern VR Simulator (2 Seater)

Modern VR 2 Seater

Modern VR Simulator (Single Seater)

Modern VR Single seater